Thank You

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I announce that I will be leaving San Antonio in September. But fear not this is good news, as I have accepted a role at the USL as staff writer, so need to move to Tampa Bay. This is something I’m sure almost all of you saw, as I already made this announcement on twitter but this website allows me to be more wordy, and more emotional, so if you’ll indulge me there are some things I need to say.

Obviously this has been an incredible journey over the past seven years, and I am blown away by all the support I have had in that time. There are no doubt people that I will miss in this list, so I’m sorry in advance, it’s not that you didn’t mean anything to me, I’ve rewritten this a dozen times, I just don’t know where to stop and who to thank.

There are lots of people that need to be thanked as part of this but the first group has to be my first friends I met after moving to Texas, the Crocketteers. James Hope, Michael Macias, Rich Moore, and Steve Arters have been phenomenal friends of mine through these seven years, they’ve kept me going in difficult times in my personal life, they gave me my first outlet in San Antonio and I would not be heading to USL without their contribution. I love them dearly and will miss them terribly, as I will all of the fans that I’ve interacted with at tailgates over the years, I wish I could name you all, but I’ve genuinely loved all of our discussions and your passion for the sport we love. Soccer would not exist without the fans, so from the Crocketters, to 210, to Mission City, to the Gardeners, thank you.

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the teams that exist so a special thanks to those responsible, especially Gordon Hartman who relaunched professional soccer in San Antonio. But also Sara Holt at SS&E for getting it started, Tim Holt, who from the moment I met him seven years ago has been a wonderful person and a passionate man for soccer, he’s one of the heroes of American soccer, San Antonio is lucky to have him. Pete Veras at Corinthians & Athenians, he brought me in to Corinthians and I had a blast, I’ll always be proud of him for his role in bringing women’s soccer here, I’m glad he took my advice.

Before there was professional soccer in San Antonio again there was college soccer, and I have to thank all the colleges that welcomed me for matches over the years, UTSA (especially their former player Laylla da Cruz, who always kept me up to date and pushed me to come when I didn’t always have the energy), UIW, OLLU, St. Mary’s and of course Trinity. Trinity have made me a part of the team in recent years, especially last year and I’ve loved every second of being a commentator, Trinity have helped me further my career and they’re a great bunch of people. So obviously thanks to Justin Parker, Josh Moczygemba for putting me on the air, and my partner in soccer Davis Mathis, we did great work and I’m proud of what we put together in a professional broadcast for Trinity Soccer.

The coaches are a vital part of what we do as journalists, and so I have to thank all three coaches in San Antonio’s modern pro soccer history. So thank you to Tim Hankinson, Alen Marcina, and Darren Powell for being warm people who cooperated with us journalists.

Obviously this job would be impossible without the folks in the media departments of these professional teams, so thank you to everyone who has served in that role. A special thanks to Preston Petri and Luis Levya the current dynamic duo at SAFC and also Matt Barbour who served admirably as the captain of a sinking Scorpions ship and deserved much better than he got.

I have to thank all the people I’ve shared the press box with, from the early days when it was just me and the sharp dressed man that was Dan McCarney (now with the NBA) to when Stephen Whitaker joined us, to now with a full pressbox with Stephen Anderson, Johnathan Check, Kyle Mahnke, and Darrell from SAEN.

There are lots of outlets I’ve written for over the years, but there are a few I have to single out here. I’ve already spoken about the Crocketteers website where I first wrote. Obviously there was also Examiner where SA Soccer News got started, beyond that Jen at Keeper Notes gave me a place outside of SA to write occasionally. Then obviously the Rivard Report, it was a phenomenal team to be a part of, and while I wish their soccer coverage continued to be as broad as it used to be we did great work for a while there. This is on top of all the things you probably never noticed, writing as a stringer for lots of local newspapers around the country.

All of you who read this deserve so much thanks, I would not be heading to USL without you, whether you shared the articles, or interacted with me on twitter, or just read them without engaging, I really appreciated it, you kept me going when things were hard.

Finally, I have to give a big thank you to my photographer and dear friend Eric Guzman, San Antonio Soccer News would not be what it is without him, I will forever remember his contribution to this site, and to soccer in San Antonio, love you man.
I love you all, and if you’re ever in Tampa look out for me, and come say hi, I’ll keep you all posted on my twitter if I’m traveling.

In Soccer,


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