MLS Still Eager for Texan Expansion


Graphic courtesy MLS in SA

Major League Soccer (MLS) is certainly keen on adding a third team to Texas but that may not necessarily be in San Antonio, sources have revealed to San Antonio Soccer News.

San Antonio FC recently gave their presentation to MLS as part of the many expansion bids to the league, which was scarcely publicized by the club. As would be expected from an organization like Spurs Sports and Entertainment (SSE) the presentation to MLS was phenomenally polished, and made a very strong case for San Antonio’s inclusion in the league.

All that comes with the caveat that MLS is not necessarily sold on San Antonio as the destination for a team in Central Texas. Despite not submitting a bid for this round of expansion, Austin remains a city that MLS would desperately like to expand to.

Sources in Austin have confirmed that MLS has been having continued discussions with groups in Austin about bringing a team to the state capital. These negotiations are likely looking beyond the 2019/2020 expansion group, but could still have an impact on San Antonio if things prove promising with those parties, MLS may opt to delay on a decision on San Antonio.

“There is zero concern that not being in the batch of 12 has Austin at a disadvantage for getting a team” said a source in Austin. “There have been meetings going on with various Austin concerns and people with MLS both here, in New York, and locations in between.”

Any expansion to Austin would be a hard sell for MLS if it was before 2020 as it would be difficult for MLS to sell to the bidding teams to give it to a non-bidding entity. That said, the talks with Austin should concern San Antonio soccer fans, as it shows how serious MLS is about a team in Austin and that could come at the expense of San Antonio.

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