Round 6 Preview: Portland Timbers 2 v San Antonio FC

Portland fight for possession against Sacramento (Photo: Portland Timbers)

Match Details: Portland Timbers 2 v San Antonio FC, April 28 2017, 7:30pm, Providence Park, Portland, OR.

San Antonio FC Form: WWWDW

Portland Timbers 2 Form: WLLLL

San Antonio FC 2017 Record: 5-1-0-16pts – 1st

Portland Timbers 2 Record: 1-0-5-3pts – 14th

Portland Timbers 2 Last Match Summary (v Sacramento Republic):

Previously the worst team in the league, Portland Timbers 2 finally lifted off the bottom of the table as they managed their first win of the season with a 2-0 win over Sacramento Republic. Wade Hamilton in goal was largely why they managed the win as he managed a number of great saves late on.

It was a relatively comfortable win for the Timbers reserves who always seemed to control the match, even if the 2-0 score line flattered them a little. Once in the lead they shut down well, while still making a number of useful attacks, they didn’t look too troubled until late in the match.

Statistical Note: Should Billy Forbes score in this match he will set a record for most goals in a league season by a San Antonio FC player. Should Rafael Castillo score he will equalize he record for most goals by a San Antonio FC player in all matches.

Key to the Match: Portland has been giving their opponents plenty of opportunities, as demonstrated by the five losses they have had through the season. That means San Antonio will receive opportunities and can be patient if they miss opportunities. That shouldn’t be an issue for San Antonio FC as they have managed multiple wins this year where they have had less possession than their opponents.

Prediction: Portland Timbers 2 1 San Antonio FC 3


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