Tibet Women’s Team Denied Visa For Dallas Tournament

Photo: Tibet Women’s Soccer Team (Facebook)

(NOTE: This article wrongly stated the tournament, it is not the Dallas Cup, after the organizers clarified)

Donald Trump’s immigration policies have hit soccer as a Tibetan women’s soccer team set to play in a friendly tournament in Dallas was denied their visas the tournament organizer revealed on Tuesday. The team say that the applications of all members of the team had their visas denied “for no reason”.

After Trump initially raised hopes among Tibetan-Americans of recognition of the nation, which China claims as its own actions like these, while not orchestrated by Trump will shatter all illusions of Trump not following the ‘One China’ policy. The visa fee cost each player individually $160 and coupled with travel the total expenditure for the team was $5000.

This is not the first tournament the women have attended as they went to a German tournament in 2015 and had no issues. But under a new reality in the United States that was not the case as they were barred from entering the country.

The side was organized by New Jersey native Cassie Childers who has been handling a lot of the logistical work from the United States. Childers submitted the relevant paperwork to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) along with a letter from the Dallas Cup organizers confirming their financial sponsorship of the team. On her post about fundraising for the team she said that officials did not look at the paperwork submitted and grilled them about their positions on the field and if they had any relatives, seemingly worried they’d overstay their visas, before deciding that (as Childers puts it) “they had no good reason to visit the US”

The application took place in New Delhi, India and sources confirmed that the application visa was denied but USCIS provided no further information. A generosity campaign has been set up to raise money to cover costs and has exceeded that goal as they earned $6,604 in the past five days.


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