Michael Reed Re-signs With San Antonio FC

Michael Reed controls against LA Galaxy II (Photo: San Antonio FC)

One of San Antonio FC’s key midfielders, Michael Reed, has signed on for the 2017 season, extending his contract with the club for another year. Reed was a crucial part of the San Antonio FC squad through 2016 before he suffered a season ending injury in the early stages of the second half of the season.

Reed managed three goals and one assists during his time through 16 league matches, all but two of which he started, along with two US Open Cup matches. Reed’s impressive goal return is especially notable, since he had to miss the last 11 matches of the season, finishing just two away from the team golden boot.

Coming to San Antonio after four years in the North American Soccer League (NASL) with Atlanta and Minnesota. Reed won the NASL spring season with Minnesota in 2014, where he was a regular feature before moving to San Antonio and becoming a regular at Toyota Field.

San Antonio FC head coach Darren Powell was pleased with the return of his midfielder and he praised him in a press release. “He is influential both on the field and in the locker room because of his ability, knowledge of the game and all of his experiences playing around the country. We fully expect Michael to continue to have a good influence within this team in 2017.”

Reed was just as glowing in his praise as he spoke highly of San Antonio FC and the staff in the same press release. “I am honored to be back in San Antonio, I think the coaching staff and the front office have been nothing but top class here. I have great relationships with them. For 2017, the goal is the same as it is with the staff – to win. I feel appreciated here, I’m honored to play for this club and I’ll give everything I have for the team and for the fans.”


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