San Antonio FC to Host USL Staff Development Event

Photo: Victoria Azaria (Creative Commons)

San Antonio is continuing its commitment to the United Soccer League (USL) as they will host another offseason event next month. San Antonio FC announced on Monday that they will be playing host to the USL Operations and Sales Summit.

The event will bring all USL clubs, including the three new clubs of Ottawa, Reno, and Tampa Bay to San Antonio for the three day event. The event starts next Monday, November 7th through to the Wednesday, November 9th.

The summit allows every USL club to get together once a year and provides workshop to USL clubs and staff through operations and sales matters. The sales side focuses on tickets and sponsorship while the operations focus on game and team operations.

Being hosted by San Antonio FC provides the opportunity to use Toyota Field and the STAR Soccer Complex as venues for the event. Visiting USL staff will be given tours of the two venues and hear seminars about managing the two venues.

Despite the event taking place out near I-35 the delegates to the summit will all be staying in historic hotels downtown. The Crockett and Menger Hotels are playing host to the delegates and will no doubt also host a number of events, although social events are said to also be held at the Toyota Field complex.

The event being held in Texas continues the south’s hosting of the event as the 2015 version of the event was hosted by the Tulsa Roughnecks. San Antonio FC will be hoping that hosting the event doesn’t lead to a dire on-field performance the following season, which is what happened to Tulsa.


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