OLLU men Demolish Texas A&M Texarkana in Season Opener

Freshman goal scorer Osacr Cordova (Photo: OLLU Athletics)

The OLLU men’s soccer team has got off to a perfect start as they demolished Texas A&M Texarkana (TAMUT). It was quite a welcome to the Red River Athletic Conference for TAMUT who were thumped by the Saints 6-0 in a crushing victory in Texarkana.

Despite the hefty score line for OLLU, it took some time for the scoring to get started as TAMUT held out got almost half an hour. Marco Perales was able to find space in the 29th minute which allowed him to create the goal, scoring with a solid finish.

That started things and in the 41st minute Nickolas Tyrpak, younger brother of former San Antonio Scorpion Kris Tyrpak, found the second. Tyrpak doubled the lead with his own quality finish to make it a 2-0 lead to the Saints at half-time.

After it took a long time to score in the first half, the Saints wasted no time in the second half as they were able to make it three in the seventh minute of the half. That goal came through Perales who wrapped up his brace to all but seal the win.

In the 62nd minute the Saints were able to make it four when Jonathan Garay was able to bury his chance, as OLLU kept on attacking. Just two minutes later the Saints were able to make it five through a first goal for a collegiate debut goal from Oscar Cordova.

After a bit of a break between goals, Cordova was able to score his second career goal when he scored in the 80th minute. TAMUT had only one shot on target through the match, which was easily saved by the Saints keeper as they cruised through to the 6-0 win.


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