UTSA Start Season with big win

UTSA got their season off to the perfect start as they tore apart Abilene Christian on the road on Friday night. UTSA claimed a commanding 4-1 victory to create confidence in a side which has struggled in recent years.

It took just 11 minutes for UTSA to go two goals up as they controlled the match in the opening stages. The Roadrunners used all that strong early possession to take quick control of the match, following on from their early start in their UIW match.

The first goal came seven minutes in to the match when Olivia Nichols’ shot was deflected by the Abilene Christian defense. That only deflected the shot in to the post, allowing Katieann Lochte to react the fastest, and send the ball past ACU keeper Kelsey Dombrowski.

Just four minutes later the Roadrunners had doubled the lead Lochte was able to score a brace in her first competitive collegiate appearance. 30 yards out Lochte was able to create space for herself, allowing her to hit a powerful shot past the keeper.

After such a frantic opening there was slight break in the scoring, before UTSA added their third goal in the 23rd minute. Sara Gibbon’s free-kick deflected, allowing Marianne Hernandez to get just enough on it to set up Kaja Skare for a simple finish.

Before the half-hour it was four, as the Roadrunners scored again in the 28th minute, when Nicole Gain found Skare. Again the Wildcats gave UTSA far too much space from 30 yards out, this allowed Skare the chance to bury her powerful strike.

In the last minute of the first half ACU gave themselves some hope of finding a way back in to the match. The ball was sent in for Shay Johnson who headed home to give the Wildcats a sniff of finding a win.

The second half saw the Roadrunners look to maintain the possession as they went to hold on to that lead. That really killed the second half of the match, as the Roadrunners cancelled out the Wildcats easily for the win.


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