Reagan keep number one ranking with good Johnson win

There was an important game in varsity soccer on Tuesday night as the Finke Cup went up for grabs when Reagan took on Johnson at Blossom. It was number one Reagan who won the match, and the cup as they were able to win a tight match 2-0.

It was an incredibly tight first half as the two sides were determined to not go behind, leading to the match being bogged down in the midfield for much of the half. Reagan may have perhaps edged things for much of the half but did not have very clear chances.

Just after the half-hour the match exploded in to life, as Johnson were handed a penalty following a foul in the box. The penalty was hit fairly well but it was some stunning work from Maurico Albo to make the save and keep things level.

Two minutes after that save there was a foul the other way, outside the box, allowing Reagan a free kick. That allowed Justin Sukow to step up and hit the ball, sending it in to Chaise Thiel who headed it home, giving the Rattlers a 1-0 lead at the break.

It only took three minutes in to the second half for Reagan to double their lead, which came after another foul in the box. That allowed Emilio Villarreal to step up and send home the penalty, making the task harder for Johnson.

Sukow again had another chance from a free-kick in the 55th minute but this time the chance was not quite as comprehensive. Johnson dealt with it and they took that let off and went for the match, trying to pull back the deficit.

Johnson went for the match in the final 20 minutes of the match, as they were almost constantly on the attack. But the Reagan defense managed to hold on and take the 2-0 win, keeping their number one ranking easily.


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