Stunning Goal not Enough as Costa Rica Through to Semis

A stunning goal from Maribel Dominguez was not enough as Mexico have seen their hopes of Rio come to an end. Costa Rica managed a 2-1 win over Mexico to eliminate Las Tri and send themselves through to the semi-final instead.

Mexico needed only a draw to advance to the semi-finals after their impressive performance against the United States saw them lead on goal difference. ButCosta Rica went for the match from the opening whistle, and took charge of the match thanks to an early goal.

It took just nine minutes for Costa Rica to manage the opening goal after Maria Barrantes miskick was recovered by Rodriguez Cedeno. Cedeno was able to control the ball, and then fire a shot, while falling back and beat the keeper to open the scoring.

That saw Costa Rica look to remain in control of the match, and they controlled much of the possession in the first half. That saw Mexico forced to go to the bench, as they looked to try and get control back from Costa Rica.

That seemed to work, to some extent, but they could not really get a major attack in on the Costa Rica goal as the half ended 1-0. Las Ticas came out from the break determined to double their lead going on the attack in the early going.

In the 57th minute Costa Rica doubled their lead as Karla Nieto fouled Cedeno, the second contentious penalty Mexico received in as many matches. Cedeno then dusted herself off, and took the shot, easily converting from the spot.

After looking off the pace for much of the match, Mexico started to look in to it in the final 20 minutes of the match. And in the 79th minute an absolute stunner pulled Mexico back in to the tie when Kati Johnson headed a ball in to the box, before Maribel Dominguez send a stunning bicycle across the face of goal, past Dinnia Diaz and in to the back of the net.

That goal pushed Mexico on to seek a goal and within the final ten minutes of the match had an even better chance. Again it was Dominguez who had the chance, as she was able to get clean through of the Costa Rica defense and shoot across the face but just wide, letting Costa Rica off the hook and sending Las Ticas through to the semi-finals.


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