USL San Antonio Announce Public Tryout

With the San Antonio USL team beginning to shape, one important part of that will be gaining talent for open try-outs. On Monday, USL San Antonio announced that they will hold those open tryouts on February 5th at Toyota Field and STAR Soccer Complex.

Darren Powell will be in attendance at these tryouts, so it will be a golden opportunity for players to prove their worth for the club. Players can pay $125 forregistration which will include a t-shirt, all refreshments to perform and, of course, the opportunity to impress the manager.

These tryouts were held in every San Antonio Scorpions but they are rarely something that saw talent was drawn from. Only five players in the history of the San Antonio Scorpion came from tryouts with Esteban Bayona, Sean Arters, Danny Medina, Craig Hill and Dominic Papa being the only players to come from those tryouts.

With Powell as the coach of the San Antonio USL team it is easy to assume that he will be much more interested in the tryouts to build the squad. Powell has stated that he is looking at a younger squad, and is known for valuing good skills and both of those things could be easily noticed in a tryout, with many young players falling through the cracks.

The tryouts will take place on February 5th, with players given their own timeslots after registering, the earliest being at 8am. Following the tryouts on the 5th the best of that crop will be invited back on February 13th and from there the selections for the team will be made.


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