SSE Formally Announce USL team

The San Antonio Scorpions are no more as Spurs Sports and Entertainment formally announced that they will be going to the USL in 2016. That decision, combined with the deal with the city and county means that the San Antonio Scorpions cannot play, at least in San Antonio.

Spurs Sports and Entertainment announce USL team-slide0
Photo used with permission from Chris Hockman
The Crocketteers celebrate the announcement

Photo used with permission from Chris Hockman

But that may not mean the end of the Scorpions as an organization as Gordon Hartman stated “I have a desire for the Scorpions to continue play in the NASL.” When pressed afterwards what this meant Hartman stated “I’ve heard all sorts of speculation, but it’s just that, speculation. We’re open to options.” So the Scorpions will carry on, potentially in Las Vegas, but Hartman would not state where he was talking to.

The press conference revealed little about the club that wasn’t already known, SSE announced a month ago that they would be heading to USL with a new team. With the team name and colors not yet announced, those announcements will be coming in January with the season starting in March.

It was an opportunity for all parties of the agreement to get some air time and slap each other on the back. Nelson Wolff set up how big the agreement was “Never before have Bexar County and the City of San Antonio worked together to purchase a professional stadium.”

Mike Gallagher went a little overboard, proclaiming “MLS is coming to San Antonio” as if a deal was already done. Wolff was much more measured, saying “there is a lot of work to be done, this is just a first step.”

There was one significant revelation at the event though, as SSE revealed their season ticket prices, and it’s a big win for San Antonio soccer fans. Tickets are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Scorpions in almost every category, and at least $50 cheaper. Scorpions season tickets ranged from $1,100 to $200 while the new club will have tickets from $600-150.

The other big win for the fans is that parking will be included in all season ticket packages, making them even more valuable. For those fans that have already bought Scorpions season tickets, they can work out a refund with the Scorpions or donate the money to Morgan’s Wonderland, as the tickets will not transfer.

More announcements will be coming over the next few months as the team builds to a start in March 2016. The name if the team is expected to be the next announcement, expected to be coming in January along with colors and a coach.


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