RGV FC Announce team name ahead of 2016

Houston Dynamo’s USL affiliate has a team nickname as RGV FC unveiled their official team name and crest on Wednesday evening. The side will be known as the Toros and they will, of course have orange as their primary color.

The team decided on the name Toros for the club after a fan vote, which took place on twitter, with fans using the hashtag #RGVNameYourTeam. Following that vote the club then employed graphic designers to design the crest for the club.

While the primary features of the team crest are obvious, the horns sticking out are hard to miss, there are some other, more subtle additions. The vertical lines on the upper quadrant link the club to the Houston Dynamo, while supposedly also representing the sun and heat in the valley. Another more subtle element is found in the bottom with the stripes representing the agriculture of the region.

Team representative, Bert Garcia was happy with the choice as he stated in a press release issued. “We are excited that our fans voted for Toros as RGVFC’s nickname. The Toro possesses skills of aggression, energy, strength and stamina. The name also lends to our predominately Hispanic culture in the Rio Grande Valley.”

RGV Toros released not only their main crest, but also two alternate crests for use, the first, a more simplified version of the main logo. While the second was a Bull with the word Toro contained in the bull, it is unclear yet how these will be used by the club.

The RGV Toros will compete in the USL for the first time in 2016, as the Houston Dynamo affiliate in the league. The club is also in the process of building a 9,400 seat stadium in Edinburg, which will prove the home ground for the Toros and is aiming to be completed before the season starts.


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