Tight Draw Brings Scorpions Spring to a Close

In a match which saw both sides looking only for potential playoff points it was an unsurprising scoreless draw between San Antonio Scorpions and Ottawa Fury at Toyota Field on Saturday night. Both sides barely looked interested, but the draw could have ramifications with both sides facing an uphill battle in the fall, after the summer break, for one of the three remaining playoff places.

Ottawa started the match the brighter side as they had plenty of the early possession but they just could not break through. The Scorpions defense was doing a good job of pushing players out wide in to angles too tight to score from.

The Scorpions quickly took control of the match and they looked to threaten but they just could not break through a determined Ottawa defense. This was backed up by a determined performance in goal from Romuald Pelsier.

The best chance for the Scorpions came just before the half hour mark as the Scorpions had a free kick in range. Marvin Chavez was able to line up the chance but his effort was saved well by Pelsier to keep it scoreless at half time.

The second half started well for the Scorpions went on the attack as they looked to salvage something from the spring season. Castillo had a good opportunity in the 46th minute as his cross was saved by Pelsier who then dealt with two straight corners.

Ottawa had chances after the hour mark as they were looking dangerous and really threatening the Scorpions. Nicki Paterson sent in some dangerous balls but both Chavez and Adrian Cann did well to clear the ball, keeping it scoreless.

The Scorpions had one last chance as they were able to use an impressive pass and move sequence allowed Castillo the shot. But that was the last chance, ending the match scoreless with the Scorpions finishing the spring in seventh place, but in a tight group below the Cosmos who won the Spring.


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